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How to become a confident speaker in
and WOW your audience every time 
free EBOOK: How to become a superstar speaker
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How to become a confident speaker in
and WOW your audience every time 
free EBOOK: How to become a superstar speaker
(Enter your details below to download my eBook for free)
"Every business owner, teacher and entrepreneur must master the art and skill of speaking if they truly want to be successful and make an impact. Speak up to stand out."
Anke - Master Speaker Trainer

Hear what the world's No. 1 Wealth and Business coach, JT Foxx, has to say about Anke!

Anke Jennaway

Anke Jennaway is a passionate educator, entrepreneur and speaker trainer. She has over 30 years’  experience and has been invited to speak on international stages to thousands of people from over 50 different countries around the world.

She believes that connection is the number one basic human need that requires the most nurturing, especially in today’s fast-moving, technologically-driven world. It is often the most difficult human need to achieve. Speaking is critical to finding connection and staying connected.

She knows everyone has a beautiful story to tell and through her Master Speaker Training, she uncovers the courage and power within to overcome fears, speak with confidence and leave a heartfelt voiceprint on the world.

If you're reading this, then chances are you want to become a better speaker.

Maybe you are not sure how...

Speaking is a vital skill that can make the biggest shift to your success.

As a coach, professional, business owner or entrepreneur, you know that speaking is absolutely critical to your business growth.

You know that connecting globally with your audience, in person and on social media is paramount to your success. 

And maybe you've avoided it until now...

See, the thing is, I went through the EXACT same thing. 

I shuddered at the thought of speaking in front of people.  My pulse raced, I went into a cold sweat, I felt sick to the stomach…

But I knew one thing. That deep down, for me to be successful and at the top of my industry, I had to master the skill of speaking.

It's not just about speaking, it's also knowing what to say and how to say it when it is your turn to speak up, to influence and make a difference. 

This is what sets you apart from the rest.

This is why I developed Master Speaker Training

Master Speaker Training is for beginners through to established professionals like you, looking for a systematic approach to improving their speaking skills.  

Speaking Mastery is completely tailored to your needs and uses step-by-step, proven scientific approaches and years of professional experience to ensure you succeed

Master Speaker Training is:

  • PREPARE your own ridiculously engaging speech
  • PRACTICE effectively without spending hours trying to memorise 
  • PERFORM so that you own the room, dominate the stage, and captivate your audience every single time.
  • PERFECT your craft, annihilate fear and doubt, conquer your nerves and exude confidence no matter where or when you speak.

By using Master Speaker Training you will know exactly what to say and how to say it.

No matter what the situation - whether it be a sales pitch, interview, farewell or retirement, wedding or funeral, convention, charity function...

...you will be primed and ready to deliver with confidence, influence and share your message by everyone in the room.
This program is for you

And my guarantee to you is that I am committed to helping you become the the Superstar speaker you were born to be!. 

So download my FREE eBook... 

And if any of it resonates with you, then join my Master Speaker Training and WOW your audiences every time! 

Master Speaker Success Stories

Through effective coaching and mentoring, Anke developed in me a confidence to become a stronger communicator when leading teams and speaking publicly. Her professionalism and ability to mentor are above reproach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
- Conny P
Anke is a powerful speaker. She dominates the stage with her passionate, expressive storytelling, and her impactful, inspirational speeches. Her Speaking Mastery Training has hugely impacted on the way I am as a speaker. Anke gets results!

- Emily A

Anke is the ultimate professional who prides herself in challenging, supporting and encouraging others to optimize their potential. I was lucky enough to have Anke as my mentor. She is a passionate leader who helped me to navigate many challenges I faced with confidence and professionalism.

- Lyndal B
Anke is a dedicated educator who is passionate and inspiring. She has supported me so much guiding me in my development and giving me the confidence to be the best I can be. She is hardworking and professional, but more importantly she is kind and trustworthy. Anke has excellent communication skills and displays high levels of confidence when speaking in front of others. She is a great role model, especially to those who find speaking in public challenging. Anke has a vast amount of knowledge as an educator and is always willing to share her expertise with others.

- Francis S
If you are not sure, then dive in and do it! Do the Mastery Speaking Training. It is one of the best things I have ever done. It has forever changed the way I am able to promote myself and my business.

- Jason B

I consider the years I worked with Anke to be the highlight of my entire career in education. Working with Anke reinvigorated my love of teaching, and through her acknowledgement of my strengths, passion and expertise, allowed me to become the confident leader and speaker I am today. Anke's ability to make authentic connections, professionally and personally, empowers others to dare to dream, reach their goals and in doing so positively influence others.

- Wendy J


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